DMA Development Company, LLC, was formed in 1999, by Diana McIver.

Diana Mclver created DMA Companies in response to a need she identified for quality affordable housing in underserved markets in Texas. Building upon the success of Diana McIver & Associates as development consultants, Diana embarked upon the development of small to mid-size apartment communities in rural areas and smaller cities utilizing the Housing Tax Credit program. By building relationships with investors and lenders, and convincing them of the importance of building quality affordable housing beyond the boundaries of major metropolitan areas, DMA Development has been able to assist communities in Texas, Georgia, and the District of Columbia with their housing needs.

As a development company, we plan, design, and oversee construction with intention.

Not only are we environmentally aware, we are also hyper-focused on building exceptionally functional homes for our residents. Our professionally designed properties and interiors feature apartment homes, common areas, and amenities that compete with market-rate products.

Even though we take an individualized approach to each development, we work collaboratively.

When opportunities arise, we partner with community leaders, local businesses, public officials, and municipalities because it’s important for us to understand their needs, build consensus, and then brainstorm strategies and solutions. The end result is a portfolio of work of which we are exceptionally proud. And we have the satisfaction of having successfully helping to transform neighborhoods into thriving, vibrant communities for residents, regardless of income or socioeconomic status.

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