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Property Management
Property Management

DMA Properties, LLC (DP) was formed in March 2002 for the purpose of providing property management services to multifamily rental communities developed by DMA Development Company, LLC (DMA) and currently provides management and asset management services for nearly 2,000 units of affordable and market rate housing, in addition to providing services for residents of DMA’s communities. The company is 100% owned by Diana McIver, a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker, and is certified by the Texas Building and Procurement Commission as a Historically Underutilized Business.

As a proven leader in managing affordable and special needs communities, we take an active, hands-on approach and employ new and innovative management techniques. Our experience, our expertise, and our stellar reputation have resulted in opportunities for asset management and future growth for our company.

At DMA, we provide our clients and partners with individualized attention. This one-to-one communication style, along with our mission-oriented goals, is the reason why we are often sought after by communities, master developers, and municipalities for special development projects.

As part of our corporate philosophy, we are governed by nine core commitments:

  • Customer Service – provide the best possible service to residents, owners, investors and lenders
  • Financial Strength – reinforce our fiduciary responsibility to partners and asset managers through efficient property management
  • Quality – provide attention to detail in daily tasks, reach goals and maintain our competitive advantage
  • Consistency – perform at the highest level, day-in and day-out
  • Excellence and Teamwork – work together to produce high quality results, maximize our collective intellectual capacity
  • Reward and Credit – recognize and reward individual and team contributions to our success
  • Employee Development – provide group and individual training and job development for all employees
  • Diversity – recognize and value every individual’s unique skills and perspectives
  • Honesty and Integrity – maintain highest ethical standards

We care about people and the work that they do…at every level. We are positive, supportive, and our work environment fosters a team spirit. When you work with DMA Companies, it becomes very apparent that we put “heart” into everything we do.

DMA Property Advisors

DMA is able to provide third party management services through DMA Property Advisors, LLC. As a one-stop shop, DMA Property Advisors offer our clients a comprehensive suite of services.

From talent management to asset management, we do it all. We perform due diligence. We coordinate takeover and transition processes. We provide robust back office support in accounting, compliance, marketing, technology, and procurement. And because we develop and manage our owned portfolio, we put our skills and best practices to work for our third-party clients. We create value through real estate.

Resident Services

While each community’s Resident Services Program is structured to comply with the requirements of the LURA (Land Use Restriction Agreement), our management team takes our programs to an entirely new level. Programming is tailored to the specific needs of the resident population. For our family communities, we primarily offer services for working adults and families with children such as educational services- scholastic tutoring, ESL, GED preparation - financial planning, income tax assistance, homebuyer education classes, job placement and resume assistance services, and information and referral. At our senior communities programming includes Health & Wellness education, financial planning, transportation services, and food pantry resources.

In 2011, DMA Companies created Camile Pahwa Scholarship Fund to provide training, education and camp scholarships for children living at any of the affordable housing communities owned by DMA and its affiliates.

Talent Management

DMA Properties recognizes that the overall success of our communities is related to the expertise of our staff. DMA Properties employs over 70 people directly involved in the management of our portfolio and third party properties. Each community benefits from a team, including a Regional Director, on-site staff and corporate support staff with more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry.


Other than in the real estate itself, our greatest investment is in our employees. We encourage our team members to grow and expand their professional skillset by participating in industry-related certificate programs and taking advantage of continuing education. Many of our team members hold industry credentials and certifications that include but are not limited to:

  • HCCP-Housing Credit Certified Personnel
  • SHCM-Specialist in Housing Credit Management
  • COS-Certified Occupancy Specialist
  • QTCM-Qualified Tax Credit Manager
  • CPO-Certified Professional Occupancy
  • CPA-Certified Property Accountant
  • LIHTC Certified Property Manager

DMA Properties offers a combination of in-house training and supplementary seminars and educational programs. In-house training includes courses in Leasing and Marketing techniques, Property Operations, Real Page, Compliance training as well as Continuing Education.

This huge focus on training ensures that we stay on top of everything…from the latest in marketing and retention trends to any new updates in file management and recertification procedures.


Our Compliance Department effectively monitors the communities we manage to ensure DMA meets all state and federal requirements related to LIHTC, HUD or Section 8. In addition, the compliance team manages all investor, lender and agency reporting requirements. The compliance staff processes all applications and recertifications and ensures all LIHTC project files are properly documented. A strong, ethical compliance department is our key to long-term project viability.

As head of this department, our Compliance Director provides training and support to all communities and oversees the implementation of each program through periodic reviews and auditing. The Compliance Department also ensures timely state and partner reporting and assists owners as necessary or upon request.