Our hearts go out to the many people whose lives have been uprooted by Hurricane Harvey.  DMA has many properties affected by the storms and our staff is working to take care of our seniors and families in need. 

Our response time on new properties may be a little slower while we focus on helping persons impacted by this treacherous storm.  Please bear with us!

For resident questions and for property staff, please call (512) 328-3232 X 4599.

If you are in immediate danger, please contact one of the following:

For a medical/functional emergency call 211.
For a life-threatening emergency call 911.
If you need to be rescued call 281-238-3430
If you need info about shelters or help, inside Houston, dial 311. Outside Houston, dial 211

People in distress can call the following US Coast Guard numbers:

You can also call the new Coast Guard Harvey emergency response line at 202-372-2100. Please call and provide your name, number of people trapped, number of pets, address and telephone number.