After the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey dissipate, the total amount of damages rise. A few of our communities faced disastrous damages that left our residents, and team members, stranded and some without homes.

The DMA Family has banded together in this time of crisis, to help those in need.  In Austin, members of the DMA corporate team worked together preparing care packages that included gift cards, bottles of water, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, baby wipes, a pack of cards to pass the time, and various other items that would be scarce at the moment. 

Property and Operations team members have also come together to help clean up affected properties.  We are also helping residents find places to stay, clean up and remove personal belongings, and anything else that needs to be done in this crucial time.

Although this small measure in no way makes up for the countless lost possessions these families will have to face, we do hope that the love and support we can offer will be a small token of comfort during this trying time.  There are still many other properties to be assessed and cleaned up and we look forward to coming together as a team in the coming weeks.

A big heartfilled thanks goes out to Micromain employees, friends and family, and many others who have donated or showed support during this time.