DMA Companies is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2020 Camile Pahwa Scholarships. Congratulations to both and we wish them much success in their future endeavours!

Myat May 

Myat May attends the University of Texas at Austin for their MS in Finance program. She holds an undergraduate degree in medical humanities which she completed in 3 years and with a 3.7 GPA. She intends to become a healthcare administrator, motivated in part by her firsthand experience watching her mother navigate the health care system with chronic mental health issues and wanting to end the cycle of poverty in her family. 

Jorgann Holgersen 

Jorgann Holgersen currently attends Texas Tech University with an ultimate goal of becoming a trauma surgeon. Jorgann is a certified Emergency Medical Technician, certified in CPR and First Aid and had completed 36 hours of college credits while attending high school. She has expressed her extreme gratitude to those who donate to scholarship funds for students like her and those who bring those scholarships to the attention of young adults that are aspiring to continue their education and reach for their dreams.